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FRIDAY, December 15, 2017
         'Twas the Amateur Night before Christmas!
         Presentations by SMSI members - get your presentation ready!

FRIDAY, November 10, 2017
         Essential Oil Safety
         by Jacquelyn Uznanski of U Creations, Inc.

FRIDAY, October 20, 2017
         Presentation and Demonstration of the
             "Keyence 3D Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope"
         by Ryan Pfaff

FRIDAY, September 29, 2017
         Teaching Microscopy and Microscopic Concepts: Universal Design Strategies
         by Professor Bill Strond

SATURDAY, August 26, 2017
         SMSI Annual Picnic
         McCrone Research Institute Gardens

June 15-16, 2017 Image Processing and Measurement Workshop
         McCrone Research Institute.

WEDNESDAY, June 14, 2017
         SMSI Awards Dinner
         honoring the 2017 August Köhler Award winner, Dr. John Russ
         Café Bionda, 1924 S. State Street, Chicago.

June 12-16, 2017
         Inter/Micro 2017

FRIDAY, May 19, 2017
         Adventures in Microscopy at USG (U.S. Gypsum)
         by Dr. Arthur Struss, USG, retired.

FRIDAY, April 28, 2017
         Photographs of Persepolis
         by Dr. Kiersten Neumann, curator at the Oriental Institute

FRIDAY, February 24, 2017
         Microscopical Examination of Building Materials
         with Inorganic Binders
         by Laura Powers from Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc.

FRIDAY, January 20, 2017
         After Christmas, Christmas Party!!!

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