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SMSI Awards 1967 - 1970

1967 Honorary Memberships

Mr. Leon F. Urbain for his work as director of the course "Learning to Use the Microscope" (the Young People's Course). He has given over 1500 lectures and has donated all honoraria to the educational fund of the Society.

Dr. Walter C. McCrone for work in the field of microscopy and for enthusiastically endorsing the expansion of microscopy in many fields.

1969-1970 Annual Awards

Dr. George Nomarski of the Institut D'optique Theorique Et Appliquee, Paris, France, for his innovative method of Differential Interference Contrast Microscopy, a method which produces three-dimensional images with high contrast.

Dr. Crewe, a University of Chicago professor, who allowed man to "see" an atom for the first time with his single atom microscope, a very high voltage scanning electron microscope.

1970-1971 Annual Award

Irwin Müller for the development of the field-ion microscope.

1970-1971 Honorary Awards

Roger P. Loveland for his comprehensive treatise on photomicrography and his work on the size and morphology of silver grains.

Mary Willard for her contributions to and teachings of forensic microscopy at Pennsylvania State University.

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