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SMSI systematically began conferring awards / honors in 1967 after Mr. Ed Lebryk, President, was appointed chairperson to the newly formed Honorary Awards Committee in 1966.

"Worthy candidates for Honorary Membership should be members of the Society. These candidates will be considered for election by the Governing Board and would be announced at the Annual (June) Meeting"

reads the October 10, 1966, Minutes of the Governing Board. Please note that the selection process has evolved along with the society's by-laws. Therefore, also pertinent to the discussion here is the introduction in 1970 of an annual award, the highest award conferred by SMSI to those individuals for "inestimable achievements advancing the art and science of microscopy", and the Honorary Membership became the Honorary Award.

In 1995 SMSI began awarding Bronze medallions: currently the Emile M. Chamot Award is presented for outstanding work in one or more areas of chemical microscopy and the August Koehler Award for outstanding contributions to light microscopy.

Images courtesy of Richard H. Lee, Gentle Impressions

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