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Nothing is Set in Stone not even Darkness:
A Primer on Energy Transfer – part 2

by Bill Mikuska

Saturday, March 16th, 2013 - 9am -11:30am

Wood and small mineral samples will be available to members at no charge. This meeting will also recap information that was presented previously. Pastries and coffee will be served. There are restaurants nearby if attendees would like to go to lunch afterwards.

To be held at

Mikuska Residence (see map below)
3005 Avenue Loire
Oak Brook, IL 60523

Energy transfer processes have been experienced by man since he first opened his eyes. Whether from shimmering auroras to flickering fireflies, from St. Elmo's fire to shaken tribal rattles, from glowing oceans to the glowing signs of the Ginza or Manhattan, from the computer screen or piece of paper from which you are reading this information--energy transfer is happening and you are a part of it.

This lecture/powerpoint presentation will include demonstrations and discussion about the subtleties of the interactions of photons and matter and how these interactions affect you. Förster, Dexter, and other energy transfer processes are addressed along with FRET, two photon excitation, second harmonic generation, and fluorescence microscopies.

Topics will include fluorescence, phosphorescence, delayed fluorescence, up-conversion, and tenebrescence, and new applications.

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