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Fungal Workshop

by Bernadette O’Reilly, Research Biologist, Microtrace

Saturday, September 25, 2010, 9AM-4PM

9 AM: Workshop attendees will meet at Dan Ryan Woods (rain or shine) in parking lot on north side of 87th Street across from Longwood Drive (See Map at http://www.fpdcc.com/downloads/dan_ryan_pg.pdf)

After we collect samples, we will return to McCrone Research Institute for the remainder of the day to examine our samples

This workshop will start with a mushroom collection trip during which fungal habitats, collection techniques and field characteristics will be discussed. Mushrooms and other fungi will be collected and brought back to McCrone Research Institute where there will be a lecture on general mycology and the use of microscopy in fungal identification. This will be followed by a lab session where people will have the opportunity to examine the collected fungi macroscopically and microscopically to try their hand at identification.

Things for participants to bring or be provided with for collection trip:

  • Clothes appropriate for walking through wooded areas
  • bug spray
  • baskets or paper/cloth bags
  • wax paper
  • marker or pen

    Bio Sketch
    Bernadette O’Reilly is a Research Biologist at Microtrace. She has a long interest in mycology and received her initial training in this field under mycologist Dr. Thomas J. Volk. Under his tutorage she gained knowledge in the following areas of mycology –Taxonomic, Food and Industrial, Medical, and Plant-Microbe Interactions. During this time she gained the expertise to collect, identify and culture numerous fungi utilizing field biology, chemistry and microscopy techniques. Graduate work at Duke University expanded these skills to include molecular systematics and phylogenetics of fungi.

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