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Raman Microscopy in Material Analysis

By Dr. Ken Smith
Thermo Fisher Scientific

Monday, May 24, 2010

7:30 PM - Lecture
Raman microscopy is very popular application of Raman spectroscopy due to some inherent advantages that it offers for materials analysis. Raman microscopy enables a microscopist to probe submicron domains and gain molecular information along with morphological data. Dispersive Raman has been particularly useful in the analysis of dark materials such as grapheme and carbon nanotubes. Confocal capabilities of Raman allow the analysis of internal structures of transparent materials, depth profiling of layered structures and subsurface analysis of chemical experiments. This presentation will cover a brief overview of Raman theory, and applications of Raman microscopy in the areas of carbon materials, silicon solar cells, pigment characterization, biological materials and polymers.

Bio Sketch
Kenneth Smith received a B.S. in Chemistry from Bradley University, in Peoria, Illinois in 1987, and Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from Miami University, in Oxford, Ohio in 1992. His graduate work involved measuring low level carcinogenic materials in air using quartz crystal sensors and gas diffusion membrane techniques.

From 1993 until 2004, Ken worked in the Chemistry group at McCrone Associates in Westmont. His work at McCrone Associates involved the use of an array of microscopic techniques for industrial problem solving along with other spectroscopic and chromatographic techniques in the analysis of pharmaceutical contaminants, illicit drugs, polymers and polymer defects, electronics contamination, art objects, paint pigments, coatings and indoor air quality materials.

Since 2004 Ken has been with Thermo Fisher Scientific as an Applications Scientist. His role at Thermo involves feasibility studies and method development in FTIR and Raman spectroscopy, lecturing and training.

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