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In All Lights: Application of Microscopy Techniques and
Principles in the Analysis of Polymer Films

By Kevin A. Brady, Fundamental Science & Process Technology
Tredegar Film Products, Lake Zurich, Illinois

Friday, January 29, 2010

7:30 PM Lecture

Polymer films are an indispensible part of the modern world. Ranging from simple garbage bags to high tech medical devices, producing quality products can be extremely challenging. As a Microscopist, I am called on frequently to identify, characterize, and troubleshoot defects in film products. I employ a wide range of analytical tools to shed light on these mysteries. Henry Baker’s 1742 admonition to examine objects “in all lights” remains a guiding principle. Examples of some of the more unusual and interesting cases will be presented.

Bio Sketch

Kevin A. Brady is the Senior Analytical Specialist in Microscopy in the Fundamental Science & Process Technology Department of Tredegar Film Products. Kevin has over 25 years experience in industrial plastics processing and analysis. Kevin has attended numerous Microscopy classes and short courses at the McCrone Research Institute including Certification in Applied Chemical Microscopy. Kevin enjoys sharing the wonders of microscopy and has had the opportunity to teach some aspects light microscopy as far away as Hungary and China. When not at the microscope, Kevin spends considerable time coaching youth Ice Hockey as a USA Hockey Certified U-18 Hockey Coach.

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