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I'm sorry to report that Dr. John Gavrilovic,
a life-time member of SMSI,
passed away in October, 2017.


microscopeThe State Microscopical Society of Illinois is a group of amateur and professional Microscopists, with diverse backgrounds and interests in many areas of science, who are bound together by an interest in microscopy. The society provides the following:

  • Monthly Meetings with many excellent presentations from a wide range of subjects in such areas as natural history, medicine, meteoritics, geology, chemistry, physics, etc.
  • Work Shops that have been well-received by the members
  • Annual Picnic
  • Banquet which is held during the Inter/Micro Symposium in Chicago
  • Auction of Equipment.

We welcome anyone who is interested in joining SMSI - the only requirement is an interest in microscopy and its application to the arts and sciences.

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